Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens to my existing emails, contacts, and calendar events?

A: We will securely migrate this data from your current provider to our service.  

Q: What happens to any email sent to me while I am migrating?

A: There will be no interruption during the migration. You will continue receiving emails and invitations sent to you before, during, and after the migration process starts and finishes.

Q: Will this change how I use webmail?

A: It will look different to what you are used to. Still, thanks to our engagement with the community and people like you, we are confident that you will find it intuitive. (We also provide “how to” guides for each feature within webmail). 

Q: What URL do I need to visit to access my webmail?

A: You can continue using the same URL, username, and password you use today. 

Q: Will I be able to use my email app/s to access my email or will I have to use webmail?

A: We expect you will find your webmail experience to be significantly improved after you migrate. However, you can still use email apps like Outlook, Mac Mail and others on your home computer, mobile phone, and tablet to access your email. (This is sometimes known as IMAP or POP access).

Q: Will it cost me money to have my email service with The Messaging Company?

If you are currently receiving a free email service with a TPG brand, your service provider has paid us to provide your email service until the 15th of September 2024, at no cost to you. In July 2024 (or sooner), we will communicate any changes to your service you can expect moving forward, including pricing.

At this stage, we intend to offer different levels of service (including a low cost option), so you can choose which level best suits your needs.

Note: All customers who are already paying for their email service with a TPG brand will be contacted to renew your subscription at the same price with similar or better features when your subscription is due for renewal.

Q: I have opted-in but have not received my one-time pin (OTP) code via email

A: We are aware that there can be delays with receiving the code, and we are working with your service provider to improve this process. In short, the emails are taking too long to make their way through the email network. It is important to wait for the first one rather than keep asking for a new code, but we realise that may take too long and timeout.

We apologise for the frustration. We are looking to extend the code timeout to mitigate these delays.

Please try again when convenient.

Q: Will you be scanning or selling my data?

A:  No. We will not scan your emails with a view to selling your data or to otherwise use it in any commercial fashion. What happens in your inbox, stays in your inbox.  The Messaging Company pledges to maintain the highest standards of data protection and security, ensuring that every email remains private and confidential. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right, and we strive to earn your trust by being transparent, responsible, and accountable for the service we provide and the data you entrust us to manage. 

Q: Who do I call for support?

A: Support requests should be directed to your service provider until your account has migrated to the new email service. We expect migrations to start in October 2023. Once you have migrated, The Messaging Company will support you directly.

Q: I have opted-in. When will my account be migrated to the new email service?

A: At this stage, we aim to migrate the first mailboxes in October 2023. You don’t need to do anything further after completing the opt-in process.

Q: Who are The Messaging Company?

A: We are an Australian-based company with over 20 years of experience providing email services to ISPs, Telcos and Carriers like TPG Telecom and many others. The Messaging Company is part of the Atmail group of companies. 

Q: Where do you store my data?

A:  All data (your emails, contacts, calendar appointments etc) is stored securely on our email platforms with our cloud services partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS).  In most cases this will be in your country of origin or region required for legislation.

For TPG Telecom customers (including iiNet, Internode & Westnet) your data will be stored in Sydney Australia.

For customers in the USA your data will be stored in Virginia.

For customers in Europe or requiring GDPR compliance your data will be stored in Dublin, Ireland.

Q: Will there be any changes to my paid TPG email service?

A: No. When you opt into the migration process and once you have been migrated to the new service you will be invited to renew your improved email service directly with The Messaging Company when payment is due.