Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my Simply Energy (ENGIE) letter correct?

14 February 2024: It’s come to our attention that (at least some) customers of Simply Energy (ENGIE) have received a letter saying their email domain is closing, which is incorrect. Rest assured that if you have been able to opt in to The Messaging Company, it means your email account and emails are safe.

Q: How much does it cost?

Great news! If you currently receive a free email service from a TPG brand (including iiNet, Internode, and Westnet), they will cover all email costs until mid-September 2024, provided you maintain your other services with them. If you are considering changing your other services, please contact your current provider for advice.

Alternatively, if you currently pay for your email service (and your renewal is due before mid-September 2024), you will be able to renew your subscription at your old rate. We will contact you in the month prior to your renewal.

In March 2024, we will finalise our future pricing and publish it on our website. This allows time for you to consider your options and try our service.

Q: Will my email address stay the same?

A: Yes, your email address will stay the same (even if your current email provider’s brand is changing) when your email account is transferred to The Messaging Company.

Q: Has my email account been transferred?

A: If you opted in to transfer your email account to The Messaging Company, please click here to learn how you can tell if your email account has been transferred.

Q: When will my email account be transferred?

A: If you opted in to transfer your email account to The Messaging Company, we’re pleased to advise that email accounts started being transferred at the end of 2023 and we expect to complete all transfers by mid-2024.

Q: Will my email service be interrupted?

A: Most email accounts transfer within a few minutes, so you are unlikely to notice any interruption to your email service.

Q: Can I still use my third-party email client (such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail)?

A: Yes, you can continue accessing your email via a third-party email client (such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail) and should not need to change your email setup configurations.

Q: Will my webmail be different?

A: Yes. When your email account has been transferred, your new webmail will have a different, modern, easy-to-use interface. The Messaging Company’s logo will appear in the top left corner. (See an example in our article here and our how-to videos here.) 

To access your new webmail, you can continue using the same URL, username, and password that you used with your previous email provider. It will be co-branded with logos for both The Messaging Company and your previous email provider. Alternatively, you can access your webmail here.

Q: Will I keep my emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar events?

A: Yes. When your email account is transferred, the transfer will include your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar events.

Q: Where will my data be stored?

A:  All data from your email account (including your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries) is stored securely on our email platforms with our cloud services partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In most cases this will be in your country of origin or region required for legislation.

For customers in Australia, your data will be stored in Sydney.

For customers in the United States, your data will be stored in Virginia.

For customers in Europe (or requiring GDPR compliance), your data will be stored in Dublin, Ireland.

Q: Will you be scanning my emails or selling my data?

A:  No, we will not scan your emails with a view to selling your data. We maintain the highest standards of data protection and security, ensuring that every email remains private and confidential. What happens in your inbox, stays in your inbox.

Q: I am trying to opt in, but where is my one-time PIN (OTP) code?

A: During the opt-in process, we will send a one-time PIN (OTP) to your email account. If you do not receive the OTP immediately, please be patient. It is better to wait for the first one (which might be delayed) before requesting a new one.

Q: Who is the Messaging Company?

A: The Messaging Company is part of the Atmail group of companies, based in Australia. We invite you to read about us here.

Q: Where can I go for support?

A: Before your email account has been transferred, please contact your current email provider for support.

After your email account has been transferred, please contact our friendly team for support by:

1. Completing this quick form;

2. Emailing [email protected] (from the email address you registered with us, if possible); or

3. Calling 07 3497 3566.

Our team is available to help from: 8am to 8pm (7 days) AEDT, excluding the following public holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Australia Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Saturday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Anzac Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day