Today we dig into the migration process. What we are up to in the background and what changes you can expect over the coming weeks and months.

The first step, you may or may not have completed is to opt into the new service. If you don’t opt-in your email account will not be migrated. Once you confirm you want to be migrated, we create an inactive account on the new service which then puts you in queue for migration. It is important to note that your account is not migrated at this point, just marked as ready for migration. The opt-in process started in August and is ongoing.  


The next process is where your current mailbox provider redirects email traffic to our system which is then routed back to the existing system (sounds weird but I’ll explain later) When this occurs if you are using webmail to login you will notice a different login page.

After successfully logging in you will be sent back to the old email service that you are familiar with.

At this point your email traffic is routed through the new cloud service and as such we will be responsible for scanning for viruses, phishing and spam emails. Due to this you may notice a change in the spam messages you receive as the service is fine tuned. This process started on the 15th of September and will continue until the end of September.


In step 3 we securely copy your emails and contacts across to your inactive account we created in the first step. We do this while your old account is still operational, so you don’t have any email downtime. Step 3 is set to kick off in October and will run through until mid next year.


Step 4 is likely going to be the first time you will hear from us. At this point we will let you know that you have been scheduled for migration.

On the home stretch when it’s time to migrate you, we copy across any new emails (or other data) since the main migration in step 3 into your mail account and mark your account as migrated! This then stops redirecting the traffic back to your old mailbox and you get to experience your new and improved mailbox.  We expect to have everyone migrated to The Messaging Company by mid 2024.