Spam, spam spam, everyone loves spam. If only that were true. The sobering truth is that anywhere from half to three quarters of all emails sent are spam. This means every day we need to remove millions of emails before you know about them or your inbox would be full of junk.  Good news is that is exactly what we do so you can enjoy a happy spam free inbox. The bad guys never sleep and neither does our service.

Our spam processing operates in 3 stages:

Realtime Block List (RBL)

Realtime Block List (RBL) is our first line of defence. Updated in real time, emails we receive from a sender who is on the RBL are rejected before they are processed by our infrastructure. Easy.
For those interested we use technologies such as Abusix and others for this functionality.

Deep content scanning

For emails that are not blocked by the RBL our second stage kicks in. This is where we scan every email to weed out spam, phishing and the potentially dangerous virus infected emails.
For those interested we use technologies such as Cloudmark and others for this functionality.


The final step, if we still think it might be spam or phishing, but we are not 100% sure is to deliver the message to your spam/junk folder for you to review. This final step represents about 1% of the actual spam and phishing emails we deal with day in and day out.

Combined with the technologies listed we operate an anti-abuse desk staffed by humans to adjust the settings to react to new threats as soon as possible. This includes being an active member M3AAWG (Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) to continually adjust how we do things to keep your inbox as safe and importantly as spam and phishing free as possible.