Welcome to our first blog post as The Messaging Company.  Exciting.

If you are reading this you have probably received an email from TPG Telecom, (incorporating iiNet, Internode and other TPG brands) about changes to your email service.  We have been busy in the background populating frequently asked questions in reply to the many emails we have been receiving.  We understand some of you are nervous about this change.  The most popular question seems to be around future pricing and why we have not published it.  Fair enough.

We could provide you with a pricing table today but given it is not going to be in effect until late 2024 we have decided not to as it is likely to change between now and then based on a few factors that we will try to outline in this post as transparently as possible.


TPG Telecom and The Messaging Company have a contract in place to migrate and host your email so you have the option to keep using it should you choose to.  (We hope you do want to keep it).  After what is known as the sponsored period, and starting late 2024, we will need to make enough money to cover the costs of providing you with a quality email service.  We are very well positioned to offer this to you for a very competitive price with support from our parent company Atmail.  Atmail is the maker of the software that runs the email service. This means we don’t need to pay a 3rd party. It does not mean it is free.  We still need to pay for servers, for engineers to keep making the software better and for 3rd party services like anti-abuse to keep your inbox safe in addition to a service desk to answer your calls and help you when you need it.  Unfortunately, that costs money.

If you are currently receiving a free email service with a TPG brand, your service provider has paid us to provide your email service until the 15th of September 2024, at no cost to you. In July 2024 (or sooner), we will communicate any changes to your service you can expect moving forward, including pricing. 

At this stage, we intend to offer different levels of service (including a low cost option), so you can choose which level best suits your needs. 

Note: All customers who are already paying for their email service with a TPG brand will be contacted to renew your subscription at the same price with similar or better features when your subscription is due for renewal.

Also Note: Under no circumstances will we be selling your data to a 3rd party.

What we can say today is that pricing will be market competitive for a quality email service and will likely be going into effect late in 2024.

Stand by for more regular blog posts like this over the coming months.


The Messaging Company.

Updates to this blog post were made on 4 October 2023.