If your email account is transferring to The Messaging Company, it’s natural to have questions about what will change and when. To ensure you receive factual responses to your questions, please refer to our site and the site of your existing email provider as your two most reliable sources of information during this change process.

Fact 1: You can keep your email address

If your email provider has invited you to opt in to The Messaging Company’s service, it means that (if you meet their conditions) you’ll be able to keep your current email address, even when they stop providing email services themselves and/or if they change to a new brand name.

This is terrific news if you’ve held your email address for a long time and want to keep all your messages, memories, contacts, and more. It’s also a sign of goodwill from your current provider, who (unlike some other providers) has provided a path to help you save your email account and everything in it.  

Fact 2: We won’t transfer your email account without your permission

We are committed to your privacy and freedom of choice.

We will not transfer your email account to The Messaging Company unless you have opted in and accepted our Terms of service.

Opting in is easy, click here.

Fact 3: Opting in is different from transferring

“Opting in” (or “registering” with us) gives us your permission to transfer your email account, but the actual transfer of your email account occurs at a later stage. In the meantime, you can continue to use your existing email account as usual.

When your email account has been transferred, you will receive a confirmation email from us. It will typically have a blue banner at the top of the email, such as this:

How-to videos for webmail by The Messaging Company - an email service powered by Atmail.

Fact 4: It can take time to transfer your email account

After you opt in to transfer your email account, it can sometimes take weeks or months before your email account has been transferred. This is because it takes time to prepare the transfer processes from each different email system (especially for large numbers of email accounts), and to conduct checks and balances behind the scenes.

Rest assured, we understand how important your email account is to you, so we are committed to completing all our quality assurance checks, even if it means the transfer process takes longer than you expect it to.

  • Australia-based customers

Has my email account been transferred to The Messaging Company?

  • All other customers

Your existing email provider will advise the expected timeline for transferring your email account.

Fact 5: Your email service should not be interrupted

Most email accounts transfer within a few minutes, so you are unlikely to notice any interruption to your email service during the transfer. (The exception to this is typically very large email accounts.)

Fact 6: We have 25 years of email experience

Whilst ‘The Messaging Company’ brand is new, we are an Atmail company. Our team have been powering email services (mainly for telecommunications companies and internet service providers) worldwide for more than 25 years – which is longer than Google! (Gmail was only launched on April Fool’s Day, 2004).

Fact 7: Your data is stored in your region*

All data from your email account (including your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries) is stored securely on our email platforms with our cloud services partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

*In most cases this will be in your country of origin or region required for legislation.

For example:

  • Australia-based customers

Your data is stored in Sydney.

  • United States-based customers

Your data is stored in Virginia.

  • Europe-based customers

For customers in Europe (or requiring GDPR compliance), your data is stored in Dublin, Ireland.

  • All other customers

Your existing email provider will advise where your data is to be stored.

    Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

    Fact 8: We do not scan your emails or sell your data

    We provide a secure and private email service.

    Atmail (who power our email service) is also ISO27001 certified and committed to data security.

      Fact 9: Pricing

      • Great news! If you currently receive a free email service from a TPG brand (including TPG, iiNet, Internode, and Westnet), they will cover all email costs until mid-September 2024, provided you maintain your other services with them. (If you are considering changing your other services, please contact your TPG brand for advice.)
      • Alternatively, if you currently pay a TPG brand for your email service (and your renewal is due before mid-September 2024), you will be able to renew your subscription at your old rate. We will contact you in the month before your renewal.
      • In June 2024, we will finalise our future pricing and publish it on our website (apologies for the delay). This allows time for you to consider your options and try our service.

            Fact 10: Support is available, seven days a week

            We offer multiple ways for you to find answers to your questions, including:

              If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, we invite you to:

                  Thank you

                  Thank you for trusting us to keep your messages and memories safe.